September 22, 2005

Steve, In Person

A couple of years ago, I was invited by the fruity company to attend one of the last Macworlds supported by the computer company in New York. That was also my last outing as a technology journalist even though I wasn't there on assignment.

The year they launched the first iBook.

After the keynote address, we were herded into a packed room with reporters from all over the tech world. I found myself a nice seat in front of a group of Japanese journalists. While most of us have upgraded to the PowerBook G3, the Japanese were still obsessed with the miniscule PowerBook 2400; almost all the Japanese journalists were using that little wonder.

We waited for a while before the whole group of management team from the company took the stage.

That was the second time I met him, the first was six months before where I visited Cupertino.

The journalists shot questions about the new machines and Steve was talking about the successful launch of the products.

That was when I raised my hand and asked: "Steve... what happened to Mac OS X Server? did it sell well?"

Bwahahaa... I was dead sure I was sucked into Steve's alternate reality force field for a while as I cannot remember his answer. or if he had given me an answer at all.

Anyway, I took pictures of the group on stage. On the Left, is Jonathan Ive, the Aston Martin guy who had a hand in most of the company's product designs.

I had a great time that year, in New York, and I wonder if Malaysia's Status of the Macintosh reporting has improved since the days when we were making headways in tech journalism.

It's a pity the local papers are more interested in AFP or other syndicated news sources nowadays.


Vernon said...

Jeremiah Foo! I remember you now! How u been mate?

JerryWho said...

Yeah, I am okay... Just decided to resurface.

You still in the Mac circle?