September 25, 2005

Radio Headphones

I don't know if you can remember back in the 70's FM portable radios comes in the form of a pair of huge headphones. These were quite popular for those on-the-move - great if you want to go skating or jogging.

Years later, with the digital revolution, an MP3 player cum FM radio was released. Evergreen (Japan) released two models in its newest MP3 player line, dubbed the EG-HPM, on September 22nd. The audio player is a neckband headphone type of player, which from appearances looks like it wraps around your neck and the headphone part rests comfortably on one��s ears.

The EG-HPM will come in 256MB (�D12,800 about MYR430) and 512MB (�D14,800 about MYR500). The player will be initially available on Evergreen��s website, and will also be available at stores throughout Japan.

Frankly, I was attracted by this gadget... fortunately the player is only available in Japan, and I won't be going there in the near future (or is it... ?)

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