September 19, 2005


It started some 10 years ago, when I met these bunch of kids in church.

SP is the blur toad who never fails to not catch our jokes, BC is the one who makes sure we have some food, and HUEY and LS are always looking for alternative entertainments.

So, I used to drive them around in my car, and even though people at the church made loads of noise about us being indecent, we didn't care.

Fast forward to 10 years later, we had HUEY's favourite BBQ party at the apartment where he shares with LS, SP is married with a girl, and another one coming, and BC was harping about his.

And most importantly, we are still together, in a way at least, we still meet up every now and then, though BC is the glue to make sure we come back together for a drink, or tea. Soon the little ones will be running around and I think that is going to be fun. One day!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival! One and All.

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