September 24, 2005

Low Tech Theatre

The local Chinese theatre scene is a proliferate one; they try their best to come up with some performance on a regular basis.

Their shows are presented in small theatres that can cramp about 50 odd people with a stage that is barely large enough for a class of students.

The sound system is mono, which means sound only comes from one direction.

The lights are hung from rails that look like they will fall from the ceiling any time.

The seats, are plastic chairs you normally find at most Mamak Stalls.

But that didn't stop people from coming. The performers hard at work, and the audience, seemingly fascinated.

I am a difficult lad to please, as I was pampered by high tech stuffs... smokes and mirrors are the bare minimum, stereo multi speakers systems with sub woofers are the bare basics.

So, when I attend these drama performances, I suffer greatly from my high tech background; the low tech approach of the local Chinese theatre angers me because there are ways to make the drama more dramatic with the help of simple low tech innovations.

I blame the people's lack of drive to learn, their inability to embrace technology and the refusal to learn angers me.

But, that's just me.

If you are one of the people involved in Chinese theatre and are reading this (which means you read English), leave me a message.

Let's see what we can do.

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