September 08, 2005

Greed Knows No Bounds, I Know - But I Still Want THIS!

The iPod nano??


The guy at Apple Malaysia said it's already on it's way here, so we will get it real soon...

But, frankly, do you really want to get the toy in Malaysia?

Apple products are typically cheaper in Singapore, Jarkata or Thailand, go do your own research! The iPods are much much cheaper in Singapore than in Malaysia... the MYR1890 "special offer" Mac Mini is only SGD 600+ you do your maths.

So, local warranty notwithstanding, I will go down South to get my Apple-logo toys anytime. Trust me, I do this often enough: I own 5 PowerBooks, some iMacs, some PowerMacs a Cube, a Newton, the SE and the iPod, most of which are purchased somewhere else other than Malaysia, and they ARE cheaper else where.

I don't know if the powers that be know this, but this is the Internet Age, it's far too easy to compare price.

You can find out for yourself at Apple Store Singapore, sometimes I wonder if these people actually know it's easy enough to find out information by ourselves.

And they dare tell you they serve you better, so you should buy locally.

What do you think?

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