September 23, 2005

14: Apple Malaysia Repair Turnaround Time


Even if you have MARNEE to pay them.

By now, everyone who knows me, and some who don't, know that I have accidentally dropped my iPod (his name is JerryPod) and it is now in Apple custody for replacement.

And to think we are three-and-a-half freaking hours drive away from Singapore we should be okay right?

The lorry drivers who zoom along the North-South Highway can do 150km/h with their eyes closed right?

So, when Apple tells you, "we will get you a replacement unit in 7 days" is an underpromise-over-deliver strategy, right?


I called 7 days after I was sure JerryPod has reached the hands of the people at the AppleCare Centre and 10 days after I handed it to a friendly guy at the AppleCentre (who took two days to hand the unit over to the service centre), and the answer was: "Sorry, Mr Who, I have checked the status of the iPod and found out that is out of stock!"


Out of Stock then keep quiet quiet, also never call me to make me feel better, wait till I call then go check!

This is not good! so I asked the fellow how long more must I wait.

"They said next shipment coming," he said, voice shivering, I was sure.

"Next shipment coming when?" I demanded.

"Dunno... maybe 1 week?" he lied, because I know this: no one knows, not even god himself (I meant Steve Jobs), knows, unless he called Singapore, where the phones were often left to ring on the hook until the voice activated system takes over.

"You sure? One Week?" I asked, "for the record?"

Unknowingly, my journalistic tone leaked and I was sure that freaked him out.

"They said next shipment coming, I'll call you when it arrives, maybe one week," he said, this time not so confidently.


So, by now, September 23, JerryPod has been in Apple for over 10 days, and counting.

Our Taiwanese friends takes about 14 days to get their parts and stocks, I wonder if I need to wait longer than them.


And to remind you, they are just replacing the iPod, not REPAIRING it! how difficult is that?

Take one unit from the shelf and pass it to me and then say "THANK YOU" as I paid them?

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