September 16, 2005

Finally! A Canon I want to own!

People who know me know I am a Nikon guy. I have a collection of Nikon lenses and bodies and I have grown accustomed to the way the camera maker designs cameras. In other words, I don't need to see to know which button I pushed or what function I have selected.

They will also know that I am a Sony guy when it came to video cameras, I have the PC110, PC115 as well as the DVX2000, all very nice cameras that gave great results.

People know know me know I am not too much of a Canon person because I don't quite like the "soft focus" pictures the XL series rendered.

But recently, I have been looking at the HDV cameras the various makers have to offer, and there aren't many, to begin with, considering my small budget.

I have tried the JVC HDV cameras, as well as the Sony HDV cameras, both have their merits but haven't gotten my nod of approval... but this new toy from Canon might just be the first Canon I want to buy.

Best of all, the camera comes in BLACK colour!! The Canon XL H1 has an improved 3 1.67-mega-pixel-CCD and an interchangeable lens system that can be connected to the Canon XL universe of gadgets... let's hope this fellow is affordable in my part of the world.

One thing I really don't understand is why must Canon stick to the odd shaped chasis design of the XL series; it doesn't make sense at all, the camera is front heavy unless you load up the back with the options. Anyway, there are people who like the design and I am not saying they are wrong...

Let me go bug my friends at the shop and let you know what my findings are later...

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