September 23, 2005

Man In Mask

No, I wasn't wearing a white ski mask to match the colour of the iPod and iBook to show support.

But if everyone uses a picture like this on their NRIC, we will all look alike and peace will be on Earth, right?

Then no one will be unique and thus everyone can be anyone? *shudders* this is bad.

But, such is the current status of cosmetic technology: Facial on Demand.

The FoD technology has made every self-respecting Metrolsexual Men (or those who wouldn't admit it) to have their face whitened at home.

At least you know you'll be using some non-animal tested cream that will not make your nose drop like one particular King of Pop we know.

My user experience? Pulling a straight face - yes, I kept that expression on - for 15 minutes and no talking can be a pain in the A$$.

So here's a checklist:
  • But do I feel prettier? -- Not really,

  • My face feels cleaner? -- Not really,

  • Am I whitened? -- Not really,

  • Sigh... what does this thing really do?


    SVEN said...

    haha rome is not built within a day.??���O�@�ѫئ����C

    JerryWho said...

    you are still in your translator mode?
    hahaha but i also not Metrosexual Man

    Anonymous said...

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