September 08, 2005

My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I'll be a good boy this instant and stay a good boy till Christmas. If you find it hard to get me the iPod Nano due to stocks shortage, I'll settle for the Sony PSP.

I promise you I will not try to hack the system, or download porn UMDs so I can share it with my equally crooked friends.

Trust me, they will be good boys too, if you get them a PSP this Christmas. And they certainly won't download porn UMDs just to share with me, as I won't do the same for them.

As you know, my iPod has been in sick bay for months now, and knowing that the PSP can play a small part of my 40GB iTunes library (if you throw in some 2GB Memory Sticks, I'll be eternally grateful) makes it really helpful. And not forgetting its widescreen format display that can play movies from Japan.

Just to make sure you won't get the wrong toy, the pictures are posted here... and as you can see in the picture, this guy has a lot of buttons... and you know how much I love buttons...

So what do you say? I can declare tomorrow Christmas if you are willing to drop down the chute (I don't have a chimney, so the rubbish chute should suffice) and put one of these black beauties on my bed. Heck, I won't even mind if you woke me up in the process, just make sure you don't dirty my carpet as you climb out of the chute.

So... Merry Christmas in advance!

Thank you Santa, in fact, if you stay a good boy till Christmas, I am sure you'd want one of these too!


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