September 09, 2005

The Radio Thing

I've been listening to a lot of radio lately.

Is this a good thing? or is this a bad thing?

Truth be told, this is because my iPod isn't working and I need some noise in the car when I drive.

My favourite radio boradcasts have always been Commercial Radio 881 of Hong Kong; the DJs are intelligent, witty, responsive, and speak no nonsense.

They do their homework, and preached what they believed; what they practiced is not something I can verify.

And I have been off loading recordings through the Internet onto my iPod so I can listen to the broadcast while driving. This drives some people nuts because they think they are in the wrong country.

But when you are surrounded by voices of reason, you feel better.

At least, that's how I feel.

If you have RealPlayer, listen here. (oh, if you are in the office, please don't hog the network, audio streaming takes up loads of bandwidth!)

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