October 06, 2005

submission: the housemate

Me, over 15 years ago.

After previewing to friends and foes around me, I have made all necessary edits to make the final cut of my short film more logical till the wee hours of the night last night.

So, this morning, I had to go get my passport size pictures and photocopies of my NRIC... but it started raining cats and dogs later in the afternoon and I was feeling lazy, to go to the photo service centres to have my pictures taken... that was when an idea struck: why don't I make my own pictures?

Digging through my pile of things, I found a stack of 4x6 HP photo paper and printed a picture of mine on it.

After cutting the pictures to size, the pictures looked convincing.

By 4:30pm, I was already on my way to Astro with the package in my bag.

1 day before deadline: I have submitted my entry.

Wish Me Luck.


kiangalaxy said...

what a young picture, hihi.
best of luck pal.

JerryWho said...


hope they didn't notice the grey hair and extra wrinkles and added fat!

kiangalaxy said...

physical appearance does not bring any effect on the judging process right? no big deal.

JerryWho said...