October 20, 2005

20% More... PIXELS!

I was busy trying out some broadcast software when my alarm clock reminded me that the special event at Apple was over. As if possessed, my fingers instinctively type the URL and the new PowerBooks were staring squarely at me, on my "old" PowerBook's screen.

20% More Pixels.
Optical Digital Audio Output
Faster System Bus
Dual Layer DVD 8x Writer
2x more Video RAM
Dual Link DVI

Same CPU Clock Speed.
Same Price.

Hmmm... I will wait for the next upgrade.

But if you need a PowerBook, now is the time. The end of the PowerPC Era is near.


tuna said...

Gosh! Should I call mine PowerBookasaurus? No matter how, it's tough little 12" wonder... after I spilled half a glass of Japanese Sake and dropped it from 4 feet above the floor (it was in my bag). It still works despite a small dent near the glowing Apple... however, the network jack died but the Airport still rocks with everything else! Luckily.

JerryWho said...

My even older PowerBook Duo 280 (remember those?) dropped a flight of staircase in a computer bag and worked like a charm.

In the past, our system remain "current" for a while before something new takes them over. Now...

Sigh... the moment something new comes out, they drop upgrade options... this is bad...

Anonymous said...

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