October 04, 2005

Happy 20th Anniversary!

Life was a lot simpler back then. I woke up early, skipped breakfast and drove 2 hours to work.

Yeah, 2 hours is on a normal day, back then, Samy hasn't gotten the highway done up yet, but even now, the place is still jammed packed -- Samy still hasn't gotten it right yet.

I drove along Old Klang Road, hitting the old town junction, and drove along Jalan Gasing to work.

Life as a technology journalist wasn't that bad. We attended seminars and learned new things everyday, bitched about people and competition, and played a game or two if you were hustled to be a victim, and had coffee at the coffee place near our office.

It was a simple life.

Good to see that all are happy and well.

Happy 20th Anniversary, in�Etech!

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