October 02, 2005

14 Days: No More, No Less.

Fourteen days after I sent in my iPod, I have decided to give our friendly AppleCare people a call, since they did not call me to tell me if JerryPod is back in order (and they promised to call).

Since they didn't call, I assumed the stock hasn't arrived yet.

After waiting on the line for a short while, the guy picked up the phone and told me the impossible: the stock has arrived.

But why didn't he call me?

I had to pay him and say think you while he made me wait? what if I didn't take the initiative to call him?

Bloody hell.

God needs to punish people like these.

As for the mode of punishment, I suggest lightning strike.

And hence, I went home with the new JerryPod and retracted my car's radio antennae as I am back to listening to Podcasts in my car.

Speaking of radio, as I was iPod-less for a few months, I have been listening to a local radio station with programming that are not meant for the intellectually challenged, although some of the callers are close to being idiotic, I applaud the station's intent to bring the so-called alternative voice to the public.

Well, the station will officially be closed down on the 15th of October 2005.

Although the station was ordered to close down on August 31, opposing voices made the authority retracted the off-air order. This time around, it's the license holder who is willingly closing down the station.

Do I smell something fishy here, but then again, I might just be imagining things.

So, the public has started a campaign to try to save the station, as follows is an open letter:


To: Dato Seri Dr Lim Kheng Yaik, Minister of Energy, Water and Telecommunication, Malaysia
1. Dato Seri Dr. Lim Kheng Yaik, Minister of Energy, Water and Telecommunications
2. Media Prima Bhd
3. Natseven Sdn Bhd

We, the undersigned, would like to express our views on Natseven Sdn Bhd decision to make WAFM off air temporarily starting from 15 October 2005:

I. WA FM is a very popular radio station which produces high quality programmes and therefore we feel that making it off air even temporarily would not only amount to great loss to the general public but also detrimental in maintaining competitiveness of the station.
II. We feel that with the established and continuing support from the audiences, WA FM should not have too much problem generating profits for her parent companies though we do not deny there is room for improvement.
III. We also feel that any rebranding and debt restructuring exercises can be and should be performed without disrupting the normal broadcasting function of WA FM

Therefore, we, the undersigned,strongly urge the relevant parties to:

1. Work towards reviewing the decision to temporarily cease WA FM broadcast starting from 15 October 2005.
2. Clarify misperception that WA FM is responsible for the entire debt of Synchrosound Studio Sdn Bhd.
3. Set up and maintain a strong marketing team so as to realize the vast advertising income potential of WA FM.


Although I think this is going to ba a futile mission, give them a hand if you think freedom of speech in the public is something really important.

Personally, I think the station's DJ speaks bad Mandarin, and has horrible musical tastes, but it is rather entertaining listening to the so-called experts who called in.

The station is known as Wa FM (in hokkien, "wa" means "mine"), so, you tell me, what's in a name?

Follow this Link to Support Them.

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