July 26, 2005

Video Edit Fest

Next few days will be hell for all of us... I will be finalising two video edits and also write the necessary narration for the pitch video. load of work and also load of rendering time.

It took us a while to finally get all the pieces together and also to make the visual look better, I was doing my "Learn-a-software-in-24-hour" routine again.

So, this time, it was Apple Shake 3.5.

And Adobe After Effects 6.0.

Never wanted to learn these two applications because I don't like their interface; one looks too UNIX-ish and the other, too Windows... but I had to do what I have to do.

So, as I am writing this, my souped-up Apple Power Macintosh Cube is chugging away, rendering the multi-layered multi-effected video. The poor guy hasn't rested for almost 3 days. Though I know I have to let it go and upgrade to a G5 very very soon (it won't run Final Cut Pro 5), it will always be an important machine to me, in my life.

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