November 03, 2005

JerryWho's Blog Version 2.0

It's been a while since I first made my Web presense in 1999 with Geocities. Those days, we had to learn HTML and do our own coding with Notepad. Now, entering the Blog Era, life is much simpler.

Since April this year, I became slightly more active online and took on JerryWho as my handle, during my In.Tech days, I have been lurking around the Web with the nick Ammut, the name I used when we played networked games in the office (I initially called myself "Jesus", and as I get killed, the noticeboard screamed "Love* Fragged Jesus", which prompted an outcry to change that biblical nick of mine).

Anyway, as I spent more time blogging, my Blogger accounts grew, and I thought now would be the best time to move on to my own server.

So, Here You GO!

I Present To You, Jerry's Alter Ego V2.0

*Love is Wee Chun Chuan's nick