June 03, 2005

Japanation! ORANGE WOMEN running loose!

I have finally gotten iDVD to work on my PowerBook today. Last week was a crazy week as we were rushing to complete our short films to participate in a short film competition. I spent the best part of my day digitising and burning the DVDs for keepsake.

My entry featured footage I shot in Japan in the last 5 years, mainly of the culture-shocks that shook me as I document the country through the lens of my Sony miniDV cameras.

Cutting the videos took a lot of time, though, and doing this amidst my crazy schedule to finish some work for Hong Kong is even more hectic. We even managed to find time to shoot a totally new video based on a story written by MM, called mamak.

The competition has started a film fest frenzy within the company... 7 is going to submit a host of works to Taiwan, Germany as well as Sweden... I am only working on something to submit to Singapore by month end.

MM is working on a script and we should be able to start work on production soon enough... if we have the time...

Back to the Orange Women... the term was coined by a friend who worked at Hong Kong-based BBC Worldwide Asia, Japanese women mostly dyed their hair orange or blonde, and that strikes us as a very odd thing in Japan.

Our recent trip back in April has proven to us once again, that the Japanese women will never fail to surprise us... now, they have pink-coloured hair!

So, I produced this documentary about the Japanese Culture Revolution. Hopefully the guys at the Jury Panel like the idea... and perhaps, I can win something... :p

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